Private clients

As a result of demographic development, society is getting older and older.  Based on that fact, cross-generational building and living are becoming increasingly important. Designing barrier-free homes does not only help disabled family members but also enables older family members to remain independent and in their own environment for as long as possible. Barrier-free building or reconstruction is therefore a wise and sustainable investment.

We support you when it comes to building or modifying your house or flat:

  • Analysing building or modification needs
  • Preparing, accompanying and punctual construction advice and planning
  • Moderation of a round table with all the involved parties
  • Financial advice and support with finding public funding
  • Support with the application process for public funding
  • Development of building or modifying concepts
  • Construction supervision and support with the approval process

Important note:

Avoiding barriers during the design phase costs nothing. In the planning phase, it costs 10 euros, once you’ve started building the cost is 1,000 euros and during rebuilding, it is around 10,000 euros.